A Look Inside a FED 5

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I've never owned a FED 5, and I haven't done much with them; the only sketch I have is to show how to remove the frame counter/wind lever assembly.

The excellent photos below were sent to me by Antonio Shalders in Brazil.

Once the wind lever assembly has been removed, the top cover comes off similarly to the FED 3 on my FED/Zorki page.

With the cover off, this is what you see (this view is from the front): wind assembly at the left, rangefinder system across the front, and the slow-speed timing device behind the small rangefinder window. Packaging is very neat, workmanship looks quite good.

A closer view of the rangefinder adjustments: vertical adjustment is done by rotating the round rangefinder window at the left; lateral adjustment is by the forward-facing screw at the end of the long metal arm, just to the left of the large viewfinder window.

Here is the fast-speed control system (the slow speed timing device has been removed): the slots around the edge of the gold disk are the various shutter speed positions, and the silver wedge on top of the disk is the "pin" that will strike the tripper lever and release the closing curtain as the disk rotates with the opening curtain. The rangefinder adjustment and operating cam can be seen at the left.

This is the slow-speed timer, a very neat module for handling and service. The star wheel and pallet at the left end control the speed of the mechanism in operation and make the characteristic buzzing sound you hear.

The main thing that sets the FED 5 apart from earlier models is its built-in light meter. The entire meter is contained within the top cover, with nothing to complicate or interfere with mechanical operations or servicing.

Thank you for the photos, Antonio!
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